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What just happened - the year 2020.

…..and 2021 has started where 2020 left off
I wish I could be on the moon - Photo by Paul Russell
The list goes like this in no particular order. COVID-19, Lockdown 1, 2 & 3, President Trump Impeached 1 & 2, Australian Bushfires, BREXIT and bureaucratic gridlock, US further polarized by George Floyd killing, Black Life Matters, USA Police Brutality, Harvey Weinstein Guilty, Football crowds cease due to Pandemic, Maradona dies, Vaccines arrive, EU threatens non EU on Vaccine Restrictions, Millions dies from Pandemic all over the world, Multiple variants of COVID arrive (at one count over 4,000) and Kent in the UK makes the Stage with its very own very infectious one, South African variant a major concern, Panic buying in UK (especially toilet rolls), Supermarket shelfs look empty in 2021 not because of COVID but because of BREXIT, Boris denies as he would, President Trump promotes injecting bleach or disinfectant into the body to cure COVID (the world is lost for words for once), Biden wins, Trump disputes loss (by a landslide he says), Trump threatens martial law, Convicts and friends of Trump pardoned (one rule for one and one for the rest of us), USA implodes and Insurrection 6th January 2021 as Trump supporters storm the Capitol, Democracy in peril, Massive explosion in Beirut like a Nuclear Bomb, Locus in Africa, UK deaths from COVID - 19 worst in Europe, Deaths in USA worst in the world, Olympics cancelled 2020, Euro Nations 2020 cancelled ( Scotland qualify for the first time since 1998). This is all but some of the year 2020 events. So January 2021 USA falls apart, much as it did in the previous year, February Snow Storms in Europe and UK. . Me, all I want is a pint in a pub after a walk with my camera and my headphones playing Bruce Springsteen Better Days!!.........................."To the day we can dress up again...."