About me

Paul Russell

I googled why bother with photography. Some answers said "54 reasons to love photography", others said 21, some 10. But I could only really come up with one. Because I love it.
I am a Glaswegian living down in Essex, England. Lucky enough to have Suffolk and Norfolk on my door step. Essex itself has lots to offer and like most things, it's about knowing where and when to go. In December 2017, I went to do some photography in the Lake District. I was lucky. It snowed but weather was great and roads drivable. The Lakes were not crowded and free from people. In high season, I could not do it. I guess I am a bit of a loner. I like to be walking in the hills, looking for wildlife to photograph or that one moment of light and land mix that takes your breath away. We all have regrets in life. Mines is only that I wish I had grasped a camera a lot sooner than I had. Yes - I love it.