About me

Paul Russell
I am a 58 year old Glaswegian who has lived more of his life south of the Scottish border in neighbouring England. I am a career Railway man working initially as a Signalman (politically correct phrase now is Signaller) on the Southend to London Liverpool Street line. I operated the old lever type signalboxes to the more then modern push route type when I spent several years at the very busy Shenfield. Photography is one of my passions. It gives me purpose. It allows me to see beautiful things, some less so, good and bad and sadly some ugly things.

Today I live in a beautiful place called River. 2022 and some sense of normality returned to the world. But never normal. I am going to do my utmost to enjoy my life and capture as many memories and things of beauty and interest through my camera lens as I can. I am looking to experiment and try new things. One of those is to try out black and white photography. Another is to be more creative in what I photograph. So I’m going to push both myself and my camera to its limits. Let's see how I get on.

Happy shooting.