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A Changed Planet Earth
Taken at Southend On Sea before the lockdown of 2020
The world has certainly changed. Today is day eleven of lockdown I think. It feels like its day one hundred and eleven. I live on my own and it's certainly challenging. I have enough books to read, enough guitars to play, enough photographs to edit and upload but it is so hard to motivate myself. But if I don't like countless others, I'll probably go into meltdown. Mental health is paramount here. But let's just pray that we win this fight and get to go out with our cameras and enjoy the beauty of this world. I suspect that we will love it all the more. Only sad outcome of normal life will be pollution returning. It has been heart warming to see clear waters return to rivers, night skies be totally clear, stars and planets seen where before they weren't. Surely the world must learn so many things from this event.

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