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Welcome to 2020.

Another year, another shot.....And the story of a spec eating dog.
Luna the spec eating golden retriever.
2020 has arrived. Another year and another decade. I am beginning to not only feel old, but look it as well. However let’s look on the bright side. I see this year as a fresh opportunity to get out there and get those great photos that you feel rightly proud of. Also a fresh new look for my site and a transition of new photographs with many oldies being archived but not forgotten.

There are a few subjects I have my heart set on for this year. Firstly I want to capture a Kingfisher. I look in awe at this wonderful bird when I see, with mild envy, fantastic shots either in the glossy photography magazines or on the various social media I browse. What a wonderful beautiful creature. Secondly, I want to try black and white photography. Previously most, if not all, of my photographs have been in colour. But recently I’ve found myself admiring the elegance and creativity that black and white photographs can bring. It isn’t as easy as it looks and as always with photography it is about light.

I live near the seafront in Southend and the quaint old town of Leigh is a stone throw from me, so do expect some images of this wonderful little piece of Essex. The county of Essex offers more than you can imagine and Mother Nature offers a world without borders and walls (please note Mr President).

My love of wild birds extends to all wildlife. Nature blesses us yet we destroy their natural habitats without sometimes even realising it and then there are those who have sheer disregard for animal welfare. My site will carry many images of all things wild. So this brings me to another objective. That is to photograph a Stag. The stature and beauty of these creatures is just jaw dropping for me. So let’s see how I get on.

Finally. Recently, I’ve been fortunate to have known a lovely puppy called Luna. A wonderful energetic unconditional loving golden retriever who decided, after I put my spectacles on her face as a joke, to eat them when I was no longer looking. I now laugh but at the time I was a little bit annoyed to say the least. But she is a bundle of love and fun. And it’s such events like that which make good memories.

I hope 2020 brings you much happiness and peace, as I hope it does for me.

Paul Russell
12th January 2020

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