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And so the darkness arrives

A winter's day in the City
2018 summer was a good one here in the UK. Warm, often hot. Great sunsets, stunning sunrises. Then the Autumn creeps in, nearly going unnoticed with the still warm days, at least, here in the South of England. Then without much warning the cold nights descend, the cold mornings hit us and the snows are not far away. My day job has been intense recently. Many hours put in, too much to do with too little time and some personal bad news stories suddenly appearing. It reminds you life is short and you should take up new opportunities before its too late. So here I am, camera ready, looking for those inspiring moments, day or night, light or dark, warm or cold, brown and reds, whites and greys and get out there, enjoy the scenery, the photography moments and live life to the full.